4 Reasons to Stop Worrying About the Future

I was stressed and burned out always worrying about the future.  With all the chaos at work, I just couldn’t figure out how to deal with uncertainty of an increasingly complex career path.  I had a family that depended on me and a mortgage.

All the stress and anxiety due to uncertainty affected my life at home, my relationship and it took years off my health…not to mention turning into gray the little hair on my head I had left.  I was in a spiral of anxiety over thinking everything, constantly worrying about the future.

But over the course of the last few years, by randomness and chance, I learned…I grew and started feeling better because I understood how to embrace the chaos.

Here are four reasons to stop worrying about the future…actually these are four WAYS of helping to deal with anxiety and deal with uncertainty that helped me stop the worrying and move forward…hope they help you:

1.  You can’t predict it.  

Stop worrying about the future because you cannot predict the future.

The main tenet of a lot of our life stress and frustration is this nagging and seemingly scary feeling deep inside that you just don’t know what’s going to happen next.  From your career to your relationship to the way your kids will turn out to how ‘things will play out’ in your business—it is getting harder to figure things out accurately.  Things are so much more unpredictable today because of the complexity of our society. And it bugs us…it eats us up slowly from the inside and causes this vicious spiral of worrying and anxiety.

So STOP TRYING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE!  Stop wasting your time thinking about what CAN happen and start spending your time MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN TODAY!

We may have made advances in medicine, technology and comfort, but we still cannot predict the future.  Accept it and move on.  Stop trying to predict what’s going to happen next.  In your job.  In your career.  In your relationship.  In your business.  Just stop trying to over think everything and stop trying to predict how things will turn out. Because you’re likely going to be wrong…and guess what?  You’ll worry even more!

2. You can’t control it.  

Stop worrying about the future because you cannot control the future.

Luck, randomness and chance contribute so much to the unpredictable nature of life that it is just unrealistic to think you can control things.  You can’t.  I have a hard time controlling my kids and it would be foolish to think I can control my career or anything else.

Break the root of worry by realizing that you cannot control or dictate things to just be.  It’s just not possible to have total control of your life when you are so intertwined with so much of the world (e.g. butterfly effect).  Instead, deal with the uncertainty of an unknown future by focusing your energy on only the things you CAN control, which are:  Your Thoughts and Your ACTIONS!

Freeing yourself from the handcuffs of control to start working on doing new things to support your goals TODAY is Ju-Jitsu for your soul!  Deal with your anxiety and deal with your stress head on by taking action of the only controllable element in your life:  Your mind.

3. You’re missing the best time of your life.  

Stop worrying about the future because you’re missing the best time of your life in the here and now.

There is so much you miss in life when your head is in the clouds worrying about an uncertain future.  “My kids grew up in a blink of an eye”, is what so many people say these days. Imagine, you’re here on this rock for a short time and you’re missing the best part because you’re caught up with trying to figure out the future.

Forget the future!  Focus on today!  Be in the present moment.  Force yourself to focus on what’s really important in your life – your family, friends, health and the rest.  Being in the here and now is the only truth.  When you feel better about all of that, you’ll be more productive in your career, your business and how you handle your customers, colleagues and employees.  You don’t want regrets in life looking back and realizing that you missed the best time of your existence.

During my tough time trying to deal with anxiety and stress a few years ago, I remember being at the park with the my kids.  It was a beautiful day. No heat.  Perfect breeze.  Great scenery.  But I missed it. Yes, technically I was there but my head was worrying about something somewhere in the future.  By the time I got home, I realized that I really didn’t appreciate and take in the fun in the park with my kids.  I was too busy thinking about the future to appreciate the present.

4. Sometimes the worst is not as bad as you think.

Stop worrying about the future because sometimes the worst is not as bad as you think.

Our minds play this weird game of attaching strings of thought with one another.  One thought leads to another and then to somewhere else and then to another place entirely.  And the next thing you know, your neck is in pain and you’re dealing with anxiety that came out of nowhere.  We get anxious and nervous about the silliest little things…only they seem little AFTERWARDS.  Sometimes we blow things out of proportion and exaggerate the bad that only our own mind thinks is going to happen.  As I went through my own uncertain up and down journey and observed good friends and family with their chaos of trying to deal with uncertainty, I realized that when you look back at the chaos of life that you’ve gone through – that it wasn’t all that bad.  Sometimes, you don’t even remember it!  Rough yes, but the scenarios you thought it was going to be…probably not!  You got through it.  You survived.  They say, “things work out in the end” because there is some truth to it.  Worrying about the future will not help you deal with it.

From a very personal experience, I believe that in order to stop worrying about the future, whether it’s your business, your career or  your life, you’ve got to come to the realization that while we may have the latest technology available to us on our fingertips, we’re not anything but human.  We can’t predict, we can’t control and we’re only here for a short time.  So forget the future.  Get in the present and enjoy every single moment.

As my mom used to say with such certainty and love, “If you’re going to worry…then worry about the here and now.  Have a cupcake Bobby…it’ll make you feel better:)”

Don’t Over Think It.  Accept It.  Move Forward and Embrace the Chaos!   |   Bob Miglani

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  1. Stuart says

    This is an excellent post. After a very difficult week of multiple things going wrong, this was just the right message to try to get my mind back on track. So, I tried to put the worries aside, and spent some quality time talking to my children as I put them to bed. Great advice!

    • Bob Miglani says

      Stuart – thank you for your reply. Great to hear that you’re enjoying time with the kids!!! Wonderful!

  2. Hisham Z says

    Thanks for this post Bob! You know the articles that I find the most worrisome and depressing are those about how much you need to retire – typically found in magazines like Money and other personal finance magazines. When you compare what you have against what they say you will need I really stress out!! I start thinking about what am I doing wrong and how I need to work a second job, cancel all future vacations, etc! We feel like we are doing what we can to contribute towards retirement but still need to pay today’s bills and figure out a way to pay for my kid’s educations. I find myself second guessing every financial move we make. Should we send the kids to summer camp – if we don’t, is there a more cost effective solution for two working parents? Should we take that vacation? Should we buy a new car or keep driving the old one? And, I find it always leads me back to how will we ever retire if we don’t put that money towards retirement? Thanks for refocusing my energies! Now to cash in our 401k’s and take a trip around the world!! 😉

  3. says

    wow I just loved this post! It really hit home. Keep up the great reminders about what life is about. This is on target for me ( like so many of us) who have gone through a total upheavel in the past years and are now on the other side. Thanks for good wisdom

    • Bob Miglani says

      hi Laurie, Thank you for writing and sharing your perspective…and your kind words. All the best! -Bob

  4. Bob Miglani says

    Hisham – Thanks for writing! Great point about over thinking our financial needs in our later years…or even thinking about how to pay for college for the kids. But over analyzing got me no-where but more anxiety! Keeping up Embracing the Chaos, Hisham!!!

  5. lisa says

    Thank you for this!!!! I needed to read this today!!!!! It really hit home. I suffer from anxiety and worry and see to always think the worst….. Reading this brought to my attention that it will all work out in the end and worrying really only slows you down! Paralysis!!!!! I have missed so much in life, becausre of this!!! I have become bitter and very unpatient with people. And very much want to change my way of thinking!

    • Bob Miglani says

      Thanks for writing and sharing, Lisa! Delighted that you found the article stimulating and remember to keep moving forward! Have a great day!

  6. says

    thanks, this one is great…too much pressure and worry is overwhelming me and this is a refresher.thanks…GOd bless us all…continue doing your great job…

  7. says

    I think this website will be a great help to alot of people. I know that this will help me because I have a problem with worrying about alot of things and most of these things can be prevented if they are thought through before I let them really bother me..thank you for making this site possible.

    • Bob Miglani says

      Donna-thank you for your nice words. I do hope that people benefit from my perspectives and life experience. Wish you all the best! -Bob

  8. Deepak jain says

    Mr. Minglani. Thanks for the best writing..Jainism has a theory of Subh-Ashubh and Sudhh…these are three types of “Awastha”means condition we remain.. and there is “Pariniti” means result/reaction for each of them..Most human remain in Subh. and Ashubh Awastha, only Saints live in Sudhh awastha..All it means that our if our action is Subh, our result will be good, and if our action is Ashubh, we’ll have a bad result.

    • Bob Miglani says

      Thank you for writing. Your perspective is very interesting. I hope we can all attain high levels of understanding in our own journey of learning to deal with uncertainty in life and happiness.
      All the best,

  9. chris says

    I worry all the time and it’s affecting my sleep, my work and my life as a whole. I am making a commitment to seek strength for this website and just for today just let go…I never had this problem until my son turned 18 and became more independent. I see that my worry is fear based and related to my inability to protect him as much as I used to be able to.

    • Bob Miglani says

      Thanks for writing and sharing. I go through similar concerns lots of times. And even though I have analyzed and over analyzed, I sometimes feel the same. A few things that have helped me to pull my mind from the brink of spinning out of control based on fears is to focus my mind to the present moment by throwing myself into a project so specific that it requires my constant attention. One thing I have started doing is running. I run on the treadmill, in a park, on a sidewalk…anywhere. I found great relief in forcing my body to force my mind to be in the here and now. With an added benefit of a good health. Another idea that I’ve employed is to make ‘appointments’ with a friend or two to meet face to face. No phone, no facebook, no txt…just face to face. Developing deep social bonds with people allows us to lighten the mood through sharing and having a conversation. And finally, I think you’re going through what a lot of people go through…and to know that you are not alone in your journey. Learn from others, be inspired and give of yourself to a cause, a purpose, a project by DOING, TAKING ACTION and saying YES to new experiences.

      Wishing you all the best,

  10. Lisa says

    Good reading. My mind is constantly racing nonstop. It’s hard to control and so many times have I ever shared in the present because of this issue. I always think so negative or the worst case scenario so much. I’m destroying relationships and its destroyed much of my life and I know it has and acknowledge my problem but can’t control it. I have everything to be happy for but can not shake my racing thoughts and negative state of living. My marriage and my life personally are a victim to this illness. I read so many inspirational books and go to church and do so much research but nothing helping. I’m scared everyday and pray everyday to change this and work on self improvement but nothing is working. I’m am desperate in changing this about myself. What is wrong with me?

  11. Bob Miglani says

    Thank you for writing and sharing, Lisa. I understand your concerns because I’ve been there deep in that well with no sunlight often. Where your mind paralyzes your body with mere thoughts…it’s crazy!

    First thing you should know is that over thinking is perfectly normal to do. When I first started sharing my experience, lots of people came forward and opened up about their own debilitating thoughts. So YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Second, START DOING. Something. Anything. Take action in anything.

    For me, it’s been a few things where I have taken action in my life.

    Found a very difficult problem to solve: something that requires your complete focus on the here and now. For some playing a sport is helpful. Recently, I started running. I had never done this before. But now, I feel so great because physical exertion helps the mind to the present.

    Also, one task for me was to redirect those thoughts to paper in writing. Coming up with words, sewn together in a sentence, making it into a story helped me focus my mind on something I could grasp.

    And finally, another thing that often helps is speaking with lots of positiver uplifting people – some are friends, others may be people you meet in a place of worship or at the public library. I met some really great people while waiting for my daughter at soccer practice on a Saturday morning. Listening to positive podcasts and STOP watching or reading the news (which can be very toxic). Surrounding yourself with positive people, places and things often plant positive seeds in your mind, which you ‘harvest’ all day by simply smiling:)

    hope this helps. All the best and have a great day!

  12. Evo says

    Thank you for sharing this piece with us.

    My job has been getting to me off late as a result of changes in the structures and environment. Constantly over thinking every decision or aspect and wondering when the next bomb is about to explode… It has annihilated my spirit that I have always been proud of, and my ‘carpe diem’ attitude.

    Going to try and get it back… Easier said than done, but I admit, the 1st step is to stop worrying… It starts here!!

  13. Student says

    thank you for those great words,
    I’m a student and I burn half of my time worrying about what will happen to me in 10 years, while I should be studying for the exam for the nexy day.
    I realized that worrying keep us behind.
    and If we worry, it should be planning for the future and not worrying, and take it easy because we’ll never know what would happen

    • Bob Miglani says

      Thanks for writing! Worrying about the future gets us only more worry. Enjoying the present moment allows us to really live! Wish you the best in your studies.

  14. Gary Carl says

    Hi Bob,

    Awesome! thank you for writing this. This article answered my nonsense worrying and now I’m heading home to my family that i haven’t seen for months because of my work.



  15. Sanjay says

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sharing these encouraging words. Actually, these days I am little worried that something I did in the past, might cause problem in the future(may be after 10-15 years). I am trying very hard not to think about that, but these thoughts come back every now and then. Don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? BTW, where are you located?

    • says

      Hi Sanjay,

      Thanks for sharing. Letting go of the past is one of the hardest things I’ve ever learned to do. Some thoughts that might be helpful:

      1. Accept that it might always be a “Work in Progress”. This is because thoughts float in and out of our mind with seemingly no rational explanation. You might go for years without those thoughts from the past but then you find yourself one evening having it visit and then you can’t shake it off. Acceptance is also powerful tool to let it go because by fully accepting that whatever happened – is done and you can’t do anything about it. It’s done. By taking full responsibility for it might help you deal with it better.

      You might have been ‘that’ person back then but you’re someone slight different today. And that’s ok.

      Sometimes I felt guilty for losing my temper with my family members and this thought comes back to haunt me. I feel really bad for the way I acted in the past. When that happens, I try to reinforce to myself right there and then that I will never do that again. Use it as a reminder that it was ‘me’ from the past which is different from the ‘me’ right now. It’s a subtle difference but the point is to accept and then redirect quickly to actions in the here and now.

      What also helps me is to get myself busy into doing the work I am trying to do. I throw myself into projects that are intended to help me be a better person or to make a positive contribution to someone or a cause in the here and now. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than talking with or helping others. And by creating projects or finding ways to do that focuses my mind in the here and now and away from worrying about what happened in the past.

      Acceptance is a powerful tool. Done right, it can be liberating.

      Best wishes,

  16. Trish says

    Dear Bob – I really enjoyed and appreciated your piece. I was raised by a super anxious/cleaning OCD mother and a workaholic father. My sister barricaded herself in her room (reading/journaling and ???)and we barely had a relationship. We still don’t at ages 45 and 44, despite my attempts. Thankfully we’re cordial and attend each other’s functions and adore each other’s children. At any rate, I’m a huge worrier, p*ss on the present worrying about the future, plus have OCD (going over the same lists of reassurance over and OVER and OVER ALL day) and ‘checking’ the rooms in my house. I’m a single parent (divorced over 6 years), my hours have been cut at work and I broke up w/ controlling ex-boyfriend of 3.5 years – I couldn’t take some things anymore. I’m highly stressed and this helped me a bit. I’m also seeing a counselor and going to as many self-help groups while I can over the summer (while the kids have no homework). THANK YOU – I related to much of what you wrote and it helped me. God bless you!

    • says

      Dear Trish,

      Thank you for writing and sharing.

      I hear you about having family members with OCD/workaholics, as it creates an unusual relationship around the house. Growing up I often felt that our ‘sports’ activities had to involve a broom and mop in the house:) Checking the stove 3-4 times a day was not out of the ordinary for us too!

      Glad to see that you’re moving forward and getting the nourishment from positive voices. This is really crucial – to surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you laugh and feel good. One thing that also helps me is to identify a small project that can clear my mind and focus it towards the present. A specific goal that you want to achieve that consumes our thoughts in the here and now keeping it away from overthinking about tomorrow – is a powerful tool to help us stop worrying and start living.

      I wish you much happiness, prosperity and laughter in your life! Please do stay in touch.


  17. Janet says

    I appreciate you are trying to help but I don’t know how to apply this. It is too trivializing to tell someone to “focus on the here and now” when certain decisions influence one’s future. Do I promote/retain my child at school? Do I take/leave a job? Do I move/stay? One cannot just live in the here and now, one MUST think about the future and one MUST try to predict it. Then how do I apply your advice? Weigh the options, decide, accept it, and move on? That does not change the weighing the options part and the pain of that exercise.

    • says


      I hear what you’re saying that we must try to plan for the future by taking actions in the here and now to get us to that point we want in life.

      What I am suggesting is that too often we get lost into the confines of our own mind trying to figure out the ideal path forward. Life is complex with so many different aspects that often change so quickly that it becomes difficult to predict how things will turn out. Can we be so accurate in our predictions? And sometimes when we cannot figure out the right approach, we get stuck, overthinking, worrying and living with anxiety about the future. And it this spiral of anxiety and worry that I am suggesting we avoid by bringing ourselves to the present moment.

      Living in the here and now doesn’t mean that we do not think about the future. For me, it means that I try not to get overly precise about it. I don’t get wrapped up in it. That I don’t get lost in that spiral where there may be no ideal solution or path.

      Yes, we must consider our future, accept that we may not be able to so accurately predict so stop overthinking and move forward and start living in the here and now. Taking actions that are in front of us.

      Thank you for writing. Best wishes!


  18. Lorelai says

    Thanks for this post, I really needed to read these things right now. I am very young and I am going to do something very big in a couple months and I was so worried because I don’t feel ready… Now I realized I don’t need to be ready NOW, I’ll be ready when the time comes but now I just have to chill and work with what I have today without stressing too much about the future. These posts have a greater impact than you imagine on people’s lives, thank you again.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment, Lorelai. I truly am grateful for your nice words.

      You’re capable of handling anything…you just don’t know it yet!

      Best wishes to you!

  19. Jing says

    Thank you sir for your great advices!
    I really needed this after all these years of only thinking about the future. i’m only 21 years old and i worry a lot about the future.
    I can not thank you enough for posting this. Cheers ^^

  20. kevin james says

    sir i sincerely appreciate your attitude towards life but its just like when you read about einstein,curie,mozart etc ,all of them lived for a purpose ,they didnt die unknown, somewhere some years hence people will still mention newton,plato ,aristotle etc though they lived centuries ago , i feel depressed that if i dont achieve anything then what is that purpose i lived for , clearly its nothing , i was just a consumer all my life ; this is the thought that bothers me the most,the thought of just vanishing into oblivion without a hint that i existed.

    • says


      Thanks for your comment. I understand what you’re saying. Among millions of stars, we can seem like a speck. Perhaps we are but I do believe that it is not the stars where we ought be facing but the individuals around us. That’s what really matters doesn’t it? To add meaning and serve others around us through our encouragement, our contribution, our effort, our friendship, our work, our positive thoughts. I believe that each of us has something unique to offer to those whom we encounter each day.

      Tell someone you believe in them and watch how it changes their life.

      Each person’s life that we impact gives more meaning and substance to our own, giving us the nourishment we need to keep going. And don’t you think that sometimes we overthink the whole notion of a grand purpose? Maybe it doesn’t have to be so grand. Maybe…it’s the impact we can have a little bit each day to the people all around us. All you need is one person whom you affect to make you feel like you are living a meaningful life.

      Best wishes,

  21. Sam says

    Thanks for this wonderful post Bob.
    I’m still 21 and very much about my future. Kinda scared of failure as there are too many things dependent on me but I think this post just made my day 😀
    Thanks alot :)

  22. Achillies Monarch90 says

    Boss, thank you so much.. My head was flooded with negative thoughts n anxiety about my feature.I always read quotes to overcome my fear, but today it dint help me.Then, I just googled and it brought me here. Ufff..Feeling much better.. Im going to quit my job and have to find a new one..yet to settle in all ways. So, I was a bit depressed. This post made me feel much better and am feeling Good. Yeah Thanks again.. Will re-post after achieving my Goal! :)

  23. Diana says

    Bob, such a great article – I just found it today as I googled how to stop worrying about future. I spent last 3 years worrying constantly about losing my job and if I would be able to find a new one. I lost my sleep, avoided meeting friends and lived in a nightmare. Two months ago there was a major reorganization at my job and my position along with many others was eliminated. I found a new job in less in a month – better one and my new team is extremely nice. I can’t believe how I lost 3 years of my precious life in constant worrying about the future…so, I will try my best not to make the same mistake …thank you again for all great advices!!!

    • says

      Hi Diana,

      Thank you for writing and sharing your story. It’s a wonderful example of realizing that life has a way of working out…with or without us worrying about it!

      Wishing you all the best,

  24. Girish says

    This has to be one of the most helpful articles I have read on the internet! Kudos to you sir. You have made a difference. :)

  25. Glenn says

    Bob, this is a great article! I have been in a worried state for quite sometime now. My worry has all been career related. I went to school later in life set on being a teacher. I finished my schooling and through the process found out that teaching wasn’t really for me. I had thought about this career path for so long, that I didn’t think past it. I have a decent job now, but certainly not one I want to retire from. I sure didn’t see myself at 45 years old thinking about what career path I should be pursuing. Now I feel sort of lost. I do worry a lot more than I should, and it certainly affects my happiness and my life. This worry is a deep depressing hole to climb out of. I hope to post here soon how I overcame my worries as you have. Thank you for the article, it helps!

    • says


      Thanks for writing and sharing.

      You’re not alone. Lot of us these days feel like the life we have is not the one we signed up for or were promised. From personal experience and reflection, I can tell you that there is hope. Worrying about everything especially finances (kids college, retirement, etc.) was something I used to do a lot of. But not as much anymore. I learned to focus on the things I can control today and began to rebuild my life around choosing my thoughts, words and actions. It helped reduce a lot of anxiety and stress to refocus my efforts at building my life now…than to constantly overthink about past mistakes or future fiascos.

      Be well.


  26. Lynn says

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for writing this! I have been trying to worry less and just go with the flow, but I am having a difficult time applying it to one very specific area of my life. I am 35 and have suffered from anxiety and some depression for many years. I am married and have a wonderful relationship. Unfortunately, I am being forced to make the difficult decision to have children…you know the whole biological clock thing. I have never wanted children, and my husband fully supports me. I am very worried about regretting not having kids later in life, but a huge part of me just doesn’t want to do it! How do I move on and go with the flow if this keeps blocking my path? I love my jobs and traveling, and I really don’ want to give it up, but the idea of being lonely in old age is terrifying.
    Any advice?

    • says

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for writing and sharing. This is a very personal and subjective question. I can’t give you advice on this topic.
      What I can do is to share lessons from my own journey. Often, I too have struggled with gut wrenching life choices such as having kids or starting a new business or moving to another country. Part of the reason we have this fear is that we project our choice and what that will mean in the future. We paint a specific picture based on what we think our life would be like. But who really knows what it will be like 20 years from now?! No one. We cannot predict the future. We don’t know if we’ll be happy with our current choice or unhappy. There are way too many variables in life to predict how we will be like in old age. Growing up, I never thought I’d be living where I am facing the challenges I’ve faced over the years.

      What I don’t mean to suggest is to ignore that feeling inside. Not at all. Sometimes our gut, our intuition and our spouse knows more about what we want than we do. The key is to really understand who you are and why you don’t want kids or why you do. Is it the freedom you believe you’ll be giving up? Is it the fear of not knowing how to handle them? Really know the reason. And if you’re truthful to yourself, you’ll discover the strength to make the right choice.

      Hope this helps.

  27. John says

    I just stumbled across this article and quickly read thru it. I’m alone, bouts of sobbing, between surfing the internet for articles of suicide prevention. Hugh debt, pending litigations, bankruptcy, job loss, divorce, strained business relationships my best friend, dog, is with me but he is almost 16 and dying. Basically I just feel sorry for myself..even though I know its wrong. Little bit of substance abuse going on as well, dumb..but it actually seems to help sometimes. Anyway I just wanted to connect and find out a little more and how to get my life back as I was encouraged by this. I hope I get a reply.

    Sincerely, John.

    • says

      Thanks for writing and sharing.
      First of all you should know that you’re not alone as many of us have gone through life’s often brutal challenges. Things that affect us physically and mentally for life sometimes. And you should also know that like many of us—you too will get through them. Yes, it is possible to get through, break through and rebound to a better life. I say this not because I’m an optimist but because I have seen it happen in the lives of others and in my own life. Proof lies in looking at the faces of those who came before us because their scars are often invisible their enthusiasm for life is clear as day.
      In my own journey, I have learned that acceptance and action and very powerful ways to get back control of my life especially when I was at my worst. Acceptance that life is imperfect and the only control I really have is of myself. I cannot control the problem only my response to it. Accepting that it is my mind that I need to shift that will help me through this. And that my positive actions towards changing my life have a powerful effect. Sitting still does not. My hope for you is that you realize that you can handle anything and come out on the other side stronger. You can handle anything–you just don’t know it yet.


  28. Emily Vii says

    Mr. Miglani, thank you for taking the time to write this post. I have a problem, I worry, and I know we all worry about something, and it’s normal, but I worry about what my life will be years from now. Will I have a promising career, will I be married, when will I be able to get my own apartment? I’m 19 mind you. Many times I forget that these are questions I wish I had answers to and that there is no possibility of me finding it until that time comes. It becomes difficult, because I go through the motions with my head in worry land, and I miss the moments I’m in. It’s posts like yours that remind me that the future can not be predicted, and if one doesn’t focus on now, one will have regrets in one’s future, so thank you; it is also comforting to know that others here have similar feelings. I know I’ll be worried again, so I hope you will continue writing, because I don’t think you know the weightlessness you help one feel. I hope you have a great day today, and await the surprises of tomorrow with a smile, Mr. Miglani.

    • says

      Hi Emily,
      Thank you for writing as I truly appreciate your kind words. I believe that each of us has a unique gift to offer others around us helping us become the person we are meant to be. We can only do that when we are moving forward in our lives today doing rather than thinking and worrying about the future.

      I wish you great success, prosperity and happiness in your life. I believe you will do great things in your life ahead!


  29. Harshit says

    Thank you Mr. Miglani!
    I just had my higher secondary results and it was not good at all.. I spent my whole day worrying about “What might be the future?.. Which college would allow me to take admission?” and right now at 2 am I’m feeling quite relaxed!
    I am 17 years old! I can’t really express what I am feeling now but I must say your words really worked. I am feeling a bit free.
    This whole day i was feeling choked and was depressed.. Right now I feel, Yes I can figure a way to a successful future. I just need to live the present and never turn down any opportunities.
    Thank You Sir!

    • says

      Dear Harshit,

      Thanks for writing and sharing.

      Remember, these moments of chaos will pass and you will be in a better place as you move forward.

      All the best,

  30. Dominique Merrell says

    Ive been looking everywhere for something like this, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed. I feel like theres something wrong with me. like im different. Im only 14 and I don’t want it to get worse. I’m always scared and I can never focus on anything. I’ve gotten blood test but they say im fine. But I know im not.

  31. Ahmed says

    Thx for the post! well, am 22 years old engineer and live in UAE, economy here is great and am thinking always about my future career path, i had headaches for weeks just trying to over think my future.. when will i get married to my loved one? where will i reach in my career? what salary shall i aim for? shall i start my own business or stay an employee? many questions always run in my mind and till now i can’t live my life, i know that i am still young to think of the future since i don’t have any responsibilities yet but its killing me. i hope this post will change me . Thanks again!

  32. Kruti says

    I just now failed in a professional exam just because I worried about the outcome so much that I ended up spoiling my health day before my exams. I think I learnt the lesson in hard way. Now the only goal is to live in present, work hard again and fight back but this time without worries about future. Thanks for such a wonderful article. It made my day.


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