The Transformation Leadership Council

Join a dedicated network of Change & Transformation C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders committed to adapting their business, sharing their learnings and providing growth opportunities in the Post-Pandemic world.

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Learn to Transform In a Post-Pandemic World

Why Join?

The world has changed.
We’re living in times of profound change, uncertainty, complexity, disruption and speed.
We’re living in Chaos, Where the New Normal is: Uncertainty, Unpredictability, Complexity, Speed.

The models, strategies and frameworks of how we used to do it – no longer apply.
The COVID19 pandemic will change EVERYTHING.

There will be a Pre-Pandemic World and a Post-Pandemic World.

To move forward in this new world, we will need to DO WHAT’S HARD
and find a NEW WAY to navigate through the chaos.

And it rests on one fundamental principle:
You will need to Change, Adapt & Transform
Your Mindset, Your Behavior and Your Actions.
Employing new strategies and tools to adapt your job, career and business
so that you can continue to thrive in the new world.

But you can’t do it alone.
There is too much competition.
You need to get an edge
that will accelerate your learning, your effort and your network.

New Strategies. New Tools. New Network.
For a New World.

The Four Pillars of Your Transformation Leadership Council

  • Community


    You will be joining a special group of invite-only C-Suite Level executives, entrepreneurs and authors, speakers and thought leaders who are looking to learn from others so that they can be better leaders, better entrepreneurs, better business people.

    Through this Council and the panel of Master Instructors who will share their inside view on how they are transforming their business through this massive disruption and change – from how employee practices are being redefined to funding and innovating to new solutions and approaches to new sales & marketing strategies to making strategic decisions. This is the group you need to come to as you determine the course of action for your career, your work and your business.

  • Networking


    Developing new business relationships and networks at the workplace or in a social forum online just doesn’t work in the COVID19 world. Professionals want to have a place where they can talk openly about ideas, problems they’re dealing with and connect with people who have been there and are willing to share advice, contacts and insights.

  • Strategies & Tools

    Strategies & Tools

    you adapt and transform your business. Programs on digital marketing, leveraging LinkedIn for Leaders and YouTube, writing a book (while working your day job) and getting it published and much more. The Council will share essential tools and strategies to accelerate your growth.

  • Elevate Your Thought Leadership

    Elevate Your Thought Leadership

    The Transformation Leadership Council offers you an opportunity to get recognized for your expertise in your field. We help you get known by business leaders through podcasts, launching an online show, authoring an article and sharing your content with the 100k+ audience in Bob’s community of followers and subscribers.

Who’s this for?

The Transformation Leadership Council membership is not for everyone. Members are invited to join based a desire to learn and share. Membership applications are screened to ensure that only qualified members are joining because every member is part of the value we offer in terms of networking and engagement.

You may apply to become a member if:

  • You are a C-level executive, entrepreneur or business owner
  • You are from a company with revenues of $5M+
  • You are a highly motivated business leader with a desire to adapt and transform your business
  • You are a speaker, author, coach or consultant serving executives on change & transformation

Annual Membership Benefits

Join a Tribe.
Gain a Curriculum.
Grow Your Business.

2020 Program Benefits
Monthly Digital Discussions
Meet people, learn, ask questions, share and understand where business is headed and how your business can adapt and change to keep growing.

  • a) You will hear how other people are handling their job, career and business in these turbulent times
  • b) You get insight for the problems you are wrestling with – from a wider range of leaders
  • c) You share your learnings to help others
  • d) You get known. That’s how deals are done and Board Members are discovered.
Embrace the Chaos On-Demand Videos, Courses and Programs

  • LinkedIn For Leaders Program: Grow your network & Be a thought leader on the #1 professional platform.
  • Bestselling Author & Speaker Masterclass (How to write, publish and sell your book)
  • Author on the Side – how to write, publish your book video course
  • How to Create Amazing Videos video course
  • How to sell your products and services through Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • Hundreds of inspiring and instructional videos on Leadership, Personal Growth, Business and Resilience
Executive Services to Grow Your Thought Leadership

  • Get interviewed by Bob Miglani on his shows: “Transformation Talk” or “Leading in Chaos” . Get seen by over 100k+ executives, entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Get on a Podcast to share your expertise and experience
  • Co-Author a book or an article with Bob Miglani to submit to Harvard Business Review
  • Co-Record a video with Bob Miglani on a topic and distribute to your audience and customer base
  • Use of Transformation Leadership Council membership title, trademarks and badges on your LinkedIn and website profile
Quarterly Leadership Programs for 2020

  • Speak like a Pro Program
  • “Get on Board” Program (How to Get on Boards of Companies)
  • Digital sales and marketing in a Post-Pandemic world
  • New business and operating models
Transformation Leadership Summit
Participation or as a keynote speaker or panelist
Transformation Masterclass taught by Master Class Instructor such as CEOs, CMOs I and II
1 ½ day Session with the Council I
1 ½ day Session with the Council II
One on One Direct line to Bob Miglani, his counsel, his network, his experience and much more.

Your Exclusive Member Content

Become a Published Author (without leaving your day job).
Share Your Expertise & Experience. Elevate Your Brand.

In this exclusive course, you will learn:

  • How to write a book (while working your day job)
  • How to get your book published
  • How to start a blog and create a massive following
  • Step by step video on how to start a WordPress blog
  • LinkedIn Video Tutorial for Leaders

    If you’re a professional, you need to not only be on LinkedIn but standout and get noticed for jobs, business opportunities and board positions.

    In this Video Course taught by Bob Miglani, you will learn:

    • How to do videos on LinkedIn to standout
    • How CEOs of billion dollar companies do LinkedIn effectively
    • How to avoid mistakes
    • How to be seen as a thought leader on your expertise
    • How to grow your audience
  • How to Make Amazing Videos to Sell Books, Speak More and Become an Thought Leader

    80% of internet usage is on videos. Videos are a powerful way to boost your credibility and platform to grow your business, your career and job. Get noticed in the marketplace of ideas. In this Video Course you will learn:

    • The mechanics of making videos. Camera, lighting, setup, selfie stick, background, etc.
    • The content of videos. What to talk about? How to talk about it?
    • Producing the video and how to streamline it so that it doesn’t take up your time
    • Distributing your videos and how to get the maximum exposure so that people see it
    • Using the video posts to get booked on TV, Podcasts, News Media and Influential interviews
  • How to Advertise on Facebook, Google & Amazon

    Online promotion is crucial for business success. Here’s how to do it on a budget to get a solid ROI. In this Video Course, Bob will teach you about doing ads


    • Narrow strategy versus broad strategy
    • Dominating select keywords. Which ones are right for you?
    • Why is Facebook good for some ads and not others
    • Why Google Ads deliver so well and how to maximize your ad spend
    • How to get more paid speaking invitations by using Google Ads
  • Embrace the Chaos On-Demand Videos & Courses

    As a member of the Transformation Leadership Council, you will get 24/7 Access to the complete digital selection of Bob Miglani’s videos covering topics such as:

    • Leadership
    • Change Management
    • Transformation
    • Growth strategies for a corporate career
    • Growing and scaling startups
    • Being an ‘intrapreneur’ in your company
    • Motivation
    • Resilience
    • Leading in Chaos series which interviews game changers transforming their business in COVID19
Bob Miglani

Joining the Transformation Leadership Council gives you a front-row seat on the change happening in business – allowing you to learn from the game changers and change makers – so that you can adapt, transform and grow.

- Bob Miglani

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the Transformation Leadership Council?

    The council is a network of C-Suite Executives and Thought Leaders with a focus on adapting to change, transformation providing growth, development and networking opportunities.

  • Is the Membership to the Transformation Leadership Council right for me?

    If you are a C-level executive, entrepreneur or business owner from a company with annual revenues of $5 million or higher, or an Author, Speaker or Thought Leader, you may qualify as a member.

  • How will be being a member impact my life?

    Your life is directly impacted by your business, your job and your career. Adapting, transforming and growing your business in the post pandemic world will help improve the quality of life. Additionally, the time you save by leveraging the connections and strategies and tools through the membership will help you spend more time doing the things you love.

  • Where do I connect with other members?

    Exclusive networking conferences (live and virtual) are held twice per year. And as a member you access those at no additional cost. There are also larger forums such as Master Classes taught by senior executives such as CEOs, CIOs, CMOs exclusively for you – our members. Exclusive online networking opportunities will take place 1-2 times a month. To view the full list of member benefits, click Join Now.

Let’s Move Forward Through
the Next 60 Days Together

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Transform Questions to Answers

  • What do I do?
  • How am I going to make it through this massive disruption?
  • How do I adapt my work, my career and my team or my business to the new world?
  • How do I manage my team and organization during this crisis?
  • How can I continue funding everything?
  • What changes should I be making to take my work, my career & business moving forward?
  • How should I change marketing and sales to customers?
  • What are the new ways of thinking and working?
  • How can I help those around me to cope with anxiety, stress, disruption?
  • Is there an opportunity to grow in chaos?
  • What are the tools and techniques to clear the mind and focus my energy in a productive manner?
  • What are the new strategies, business models I can start to adopt right now?
  • What am I missing? Who can I call to help me figure all this out?
  • How do I move forward? How do I inspire my team and business forward to find some hope of success?

By meeting new people in the Council, learning new strategies and tools and gaining new perspectives, you will be in a better position to answer these questions – so that you can grow professionally and personally in times of change and disruption.

There is no playbook
for the road ahead.
We have to figure it out
together as we
move forward.