Navigate in Chaos

Reducing expenses and going virtual will not be enough in a post pandemic world.
Improving cash flow will require identifying new direction and strategy. Businesses
need to identify what we call Multiple Plan A’s (not a Plan B or C) to move a business forward.

Business Direction & Strategy

How do we develop future direction and strategy with so much uncertainty? When nothing is predictable?

Our approach is practical with an emphasis on changing the engine while we’re flying the plane.

This means reinventing as the business continues to operate – saving time and resources.

Our approach centers on the premise that there are too many variables to make any predictions useful. The sheer complexity of business today with the massive number of variables moving at hyper speed makes planning accurately extremely difficult – but not impossible.

What helps us develop strategy and direction for your team?

  • Re-Learn

    Customer’s values, attitudes, behaviors, values and needs have all changed due to the pandemic. Your customers have been rewired. There is no going back to the understanding of their needs and preferences from the past. We must re-learn quickly so as to reset our fundamental understanding of their needs and outlook.

    We accelerate our Re-Learning about your customers through, hyper focused and time urgent:

    • Market Research focusing on experiential learning
    • Benchmarking study of leading teams or companies in your industry and other industries
    • Data Analysis of customers’ shifting attitudes and real time buying decisions
  • Re-Conceptualize

    Data only goes so far because we are all writing the data of the future at this very moment. But there are certain patterns that emerge in chaos – which can inform our direction. These patterns are often first observed by those on the front line. Leaders and influencers who are on the cutting edge of change and reinvention. That’s where we go.

    InterviewsWe reach out to key influencers (executives, leaders, thought leaders) to conduct Transformation Talks to discover what changes they are making in their market and what they’re seeing so as to give you a sense of how you are measuring up and to help discover insights from their early experience of adapting – showing us what might work and what won’t.

    Transformation Leadership CouncilWe also boost the diversity of opinions and voices to better inform and complement our thinking by tapping our Transformation Leadership Council (TLC) – our exclusive executive peer group. Learn More about the TLC.

    Internal Assessment We conduct focused workshops with your internal teams to gain insight and ideas on where they believe the market is moving. Front line colleagues can often have a very bias view – which can be helpful so as to provide balance in our understanding.

  • Re-Invent

    Utilizing research, internal assessment and influencer and thought leadership We help you develop 2-3 “Plan A’s” – which help you navigate the uncertainty and move towards a new way of doing business whether it’s how you prospect and sell to customers, manage internal processes or handling relationships with suppliers. We look at your business and help you develop concrete plans which are realistic and flexible in an unpredictable world.

    We focus our effort at giving our clients an advantage in the chaos by leveraging the concept of Divergence (hyper specialization), where we believe the world is moving towards. In its simplest form, we believe more people will search for specialized products and services through online communities, organic search and social media, pro-actively than ever before. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations get more specialized in their offerings.

    Additionally, identifying opportunities in niche, narrow market segments allows organizations to test a product or service more quickly with reduced expenses because there are fewer competitors in the market.

What are our Guiding Principles?

  • Act Fast

    Don’t take too long trying to figure out which way to go because the world changes too quickly to bet on a strategy that is outdated. We use time efficiently because in times of chaos – we don’t have much of it.

  • Seek out Diversity of Ideas and People

    Cannot rely on outdated models of strategy because they are from a past where the future was more stable. We must seek alternative solutions in diverse places from diverse people where patterns are not ‘usual’.

  • Focus on Specialization

    Use Divergence in your favor: Direction where teams can DIFFERENTIATE and WIN with lean budgets and resources. Think narrow market rather than big market with more competitors.

  • Focus on the Variables under our Control

    Inherent in chaos is complexity. Instead of trying to boil the ocean – we focus our energies on what is directly and indirectly under our control. This allows us to reduce risk and increase probability of success for your strategy.

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Hire us to help you:

  • Figure out which direction to take your business
  • Determine if the new direction being implemented is the right one. Should you cut your losses and try something else?
  • Plan a course correction when you’re not getting the results you want from the current strategy
  • Change direction without disrupting the core business
  • Zoom out and think differently with a beginner’s mind
  • Understand how to reach new customers or partners in a more virtual world
  • Develop a new sales strategy for your team

We Help Leaders and Organizations Transform in a Post Pandemic World.

We believe the world has fundamentally changed .The future is uncertain,
unpredictable, complicated and fast. To move forward, we must Let Go of
the Past Mindset, Accept what we can control, Stop waiting for perfection,
Do What’s Hard, Move Forward and Experiment.