We are seasoned business executives who help organizations Adapt,
Transform and Move Forward in a post pandemic world that is in chaos
(uncertain, complex, unpredictable and fast).

Our Approach

The world has profoundly changed with a new Post-Pandemic world that will emerge.

If businesses are to survive and thrive in the years ahead – it isn’t only about reducing expenses and leveraging technology but about how organizations fundamentally shift their people – their Mindset, Behaviors, Direction and Action – towards a new, reimagined future.

We deploy a mix of disciplines, strategies and tools to help your teams adapt.

From helping your sales and business development teams to identify new ways of reaching customers to helping your supply chain colleagues re-assess their supplier strategy to developing new business relationships & partnerships to digital transformation of your business – we bring a unique “Chaos Component” to your projects helping you develop strategies for the real world that is taking shape.

Through our unique – Leading in Chaos Method of consulting, training and implementation, we help your organization quickly shift and move forward.

Within Chaos – There is Opportunity

This is the best time right now to accelerate the change you have been thinking of making anyway. This is the best time to change, adapt and reinvent your business. It is because in times of massive change – the walls around us are malleable. When everything is in flux – everything is on the table and anything is possible.

The Post Pandemic is forcing all of us to accelerate adoption of technology, new behaviors and new mindset.

Chaos Theory shows us that there are patterns and systems at work in our messy world. We can analyze these to find the factors within complex systems, learn how they connect to others and use this to our advantage.

If we choose the right levers, we can make change into the wider world like a ripple in the water. The analogy is often referred to in Chaos Theory as the Butterfly Effect which states that tiny actions can yield massive unpredictable results.

Our ‘Leading in Chaos’ Method

Chaos is a scary word. People need some semblance of order to make sense of the world so they can make decisions and act.

We often try to impose our own sense of order on the world around us. But this is impossible. Because We Cannot Control the Chaos. But the good news is: We CAN Control Our Mindset, Behaviors, Direction and Action.

That is where we focus to help your organization – your team to Adapt & Transform.

We help your teams by Building the Capacity & Experiments to
Move Forward in the Chaos

Four components of Chaos

  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Disruption (or randomness)
  • Speed

Build the capacity to work with chaos

  • Insight

  • Flexibility

  • Preparation

  • Competence

  • Insights about external conditions, especially customer insights Insights about organizational paradigms, culture, and capabilities
  • Techniques to change mindsets and behaviors, brainstorm more robustly, and develop hypotheses and scenarios.
  • Analyses and experiments to test hypotheses and scenarios and to determine which variables have the most impact
  • Co-working and skills transfer to build the capabilities to generate insights, change paradigms, and test and enact scenarios quickly

By Focusing on What We CAN CONTROL: Mindset, Behaviors, Direction, Action.

  • Insight

  • Preparedness

  • Flexibility

  • Competence

Our Transformation Roadmap

  • Leaders must let go of the past mindset and previous expectations of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on projects
  • Accept that leaders have very little control over the chaotic business environment
  • Leaders must focus what they CAN control: the Controllable Four:
  • Mindset: The road ahead will be messy and imperfect. We help your teams COPE.
  • Behavior: Predictions are not helpful. Don’t over analyze and wait for ‘better’. We help you LEAD.
  • Direction: Create some sense of certainty by setting clear goals & outcomes. We help you NAVIGATE.
  • Action: Move forward and experiment heavily – launch Multiple Plan A’s. We help you EXPERIMENT.

Our Services