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casualBob Miglani is the Author of two books, an accomplished executive at a Fortune 50 Company in NYC for the last 23 years who grew up running his family’s Dairy Queen store. Currently, Bob works in New York City, helps his wife run her small business and writes about learning to get unstuck and move forward in modern life full of uncertainty and chaos.

Bob’s latest book titled, the Washington Post Bestseller “Embrace the Chaos: How India Taught Me to Stop Overthinking and Start Living” was published by Berrett-Koehler.


I moved to the US from India with my family when I was 9 years old.  We had nothing – only $75 and a desire to pursue the American dream.

I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers and worked at the local Dairy Queen store.  It was there that I learned the valuable lessons of hard work, putting customers first and having a positive can-do attitude.

Bob’s Small Business Experience

My family saved enough money to buy a Dairy Queen ice cream store of our own in a small town in New Jersey which we ran as a family business for over 23 years, that my parents continue to run today.  We treated everyone – customers, suppliers, employees and friends like family.  It was hard work but everything worthwhile is.

I wrote about the lessons I learned at the Dairy Queen in my first book, Treat Your Customers: Thirty Lessons on Service and Sales That I Learned at My Family’s Dairy Queen Store, published by Hyperion Books (a division of ABC/Disney).  Buy my book from Amazon.  This is my family’s Dairy Queen below..

Bob Miglani bio Dairy Queen photo

23 Years Experience at a Fortune 50 Company

After college, I went into Sales at a Fortune 50 Company where I turned around one of the toughest sales territories in the world – New York City and made it #1.  From there I moved up the career ladder creating new functions and working with customers and colleagues in over 30 countries around the world. My experience in business spans many areas and many countries. See my LinkedIn profile here.

IMG_4543Starting a New Business in a Recession – 2008

In the middle of the economic recession, I helped my wife start her new business with a newborn in our lap.  It was a crazy time full of sweat, tears, uncertainty and chaos. But we did it!  Read more here.

Learning to Move Forward in Life and at Work

At some point over the last few years, I got stuck in life. Paralyzed by the chaos of modern life, I didn’t know how to deal with uncertainty. I was constantly stressed and worried about the future.  It was a tough time.

But I started learning, growing and living! And this blog became a part of my journey of learning how to get unstuck and move forward in life. Read my story.

My latest book, Embrace the Chaos, is about how I learned to move forward in our crazy world where nothing seems certain.  This book is filled with 12 funny, interesting and inspirational stories of a stressed out guy (me) in India learning to control the chaos that cannot be controlled.

It is about learning to let go and enjoy the ride and to look within for the answers.  It was there – in the capital of chaos, INDIA where I learned that we cannot control the chaos…that we can only embrace it.

Writer, Author, Speaker and India Traveler

Bob Miglani | Embrace the ChaosI have written two books and write on this blog as well as speak about my experiences in small business, big business and about learning to move forward in uncertainty.

Occasionally, I take 8 people to India to share in a personal growth journey.  It is a full immersion experience.  Imagine going to a village to understand how people get through tough times.  From experiencing modern malls to spiritual places to the corporate offices to negotiating in the local bazaar to taking a trip to see the raw beauty of India, I help people understand their own lives in chaos from the lens of experiencing the capital of chaos – India.

If you’d like to join me for this selective Embrace the Chaos Life Journey of India, drop me a note and I’ll save you a seat for my next trip: bob@embracethechaos.com.

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