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I was stuck.  I was paralyzed by uncertainty and change at work, unpredictability of life and the speed and complexity of our world.

The more I thought about trying to plan my future, the more stressed and anxious I became.  It felt like each path that lay in front of me looked worse than the other.

From the uncertainty at my job (if I continued to have a job), to the disorder of life at home trying to raise kids and balance work, to unpredictability of starting a new business with my wife, I felt overwhelmed, paralyzed, under prepared and always worried about an increasingly uncertain future. I didn’t know how to handle the chaos all around and how to manage uncertainty.

Feeling the uncertainty and constant change at work, I stopped growing. I over analyzed everything and felt in control of nothing.  As a result I felt stagnated and like I was slipping down a spiral of anxiety and frustration.

Then something happened that changed my life forever. I went on this trip with a friend to India. Even though I had been to India and was born there, this time something was different.

Amidst the splendor of chaos that is India, I had this profound realization that we have less control than we think. I realized that we cannot control the chaos but we can control our words, our thoughts and our actions. That's where we get control and certainty: when we move forward and take action.

This blog is part of my journey in learning how to Embrace the Chaos for the last few years and this book - now a Washington Post Bestseller - contains my lessons learned on how to get unstuck, manage change in the workplace, improve the quality of my life at home and simply move forward. Through this experience, I reduced my stress, learned to stop worrying about the future and began thriving again.

With this blog, I hope to help others get unstuck, move forward and be successful during times of change, uncertainty and chaos. I hope you enjoy it!

-Bob Miglani

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